Friday, June 28, 2013

Hijra In India

Sexual prejudices and discrimination as a whole continue to be dominant in certain societies in India. Even if women are partly enjoying their independence .and freedom allocated to them, still it is not enough. Whereas the <<Hijras in India a general Term <Hijra> is used to eunuchs and travesties. The way the word <Hijra> itself is pronounced is very derogatory manner emphasizing on insult. These people are not considered to be deem fit in societies, because of their harrowing plight remain unknown to the heterosexual majority .They are known as sexless person. Throughout their life, they encounter lot of injustices and prejudices. Unlike, every normal heterosexual couple, they are being set aside from the society, they belong too. For eunuchs, Living happily or acquiring their dreams is simply a <Myth> as happiness is beyond their reach.
Nevertheless, they are always found to be dancing and singing on the road. They normally come out in groups of about five to ten and spread out in the streets approaching small shops and restaurants for alms. Normally people give them small alms out of fear of being cursed. It is widely believed in India that the curse of a <Hijra> is very effective; same with their blessings. Most eunuchs in India live by begging. No one will ever realize that these people are actually striving hard to earn their living. It is like a <parda> of fake happiness covering their real identity and their grief. It is indeed contradictory as with their ill-fated destiny, still they manage to bring smile, enjoyment and happiness in other people’s life. Group of eunuchs learn some music and dancing based on Hindi movie songs and offer to dance at small family functions like naming ceremonies of newborn children, weddings and other. This is a way for them to earn their living.
They prostitute themselves and beg to survive. Few members of India’s sexual minority communities gays, lesbians, bisexuals and <hijras >or the “third gender”-dare for fear of being scorned and much worse to stand up and publicly identified, leave alone struggle for their rights. For examples, they  are sexually and economically exploited by the men, the threats and violence from men in the streets and the abuses they had to face, as no one are willing to employ them, because of who they are.
Thus life of a <hijra> is one never- ending series of torments. Some tries to get out of poverty by getting jobs through various NGO working for justice of sexual minorities. They deserve every possible right. There is the need for them to be recognized by the state as equal citizens, to have education and be decently employed, to marry and adopt children, and be free from hate and scorn.

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